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If you are a black parent reading this post, you might be asking yourself this question. With knife crime on the rise in London among black children—despite black people being the minority (2% in London)—how can black parents help their children not fall prey to this violence?

First, we cannot ignore what is going on in our communities. While contemplating how we got to this place of ‘crisis’, the question we, as the black community, are trying to answer is: What do we do to make things better?

The knife crime rise in London is instigated by several factors, such as toxic environments for children created by austerity, children and young people being afraid of becoming victims themselves, and young people not
trusting the authorities to protect them. 

There is an identity crisis going on in our young children. Since we are a minority, we should look out for one another and have authentic relationships with one another so our children will have a sense of belonging.
The Jews have worked together and built massive wealth – a great example of a racial minority looking out for each other.

Additionally, parents need to start disciplining their children from a young age. Isn't it better to discipline them now than allow our children to face a tough future? Kids must be taught between right and wrong. Some parents don’t discipline their children because it requires a lot of patience. I bet you've heard the saying that
parenting is the hardest job in the world. One in four parents won't discipline their children for fear of upsetting them.

Furthermore, parents today can help their children by signing them up for subsidized extra tuition to improve
their performance in schools. Our business (Abundant Life Family Care) offers free tutoring through our after school nanny share programme. Parents can sign up and register with Abundant Life Family Care, share after school nannies and tutors with other families, and get free tuition and discounted sports training for kids and adults, etc. For more details please contact us via email at contact@abundantlifefamilycare.co.uk

As parents, we can keep our children off the streets by starting early and engaging children in different meaningful activities like free or subsidized clubs. We can also teach our kids to love others by volunteering in the community as a family so kids can learn to be compassionate.

As a matter of fact, poverty is one of the biggest reasons why some children get into gangs. Parents can get advice and assistance for getting out of poverty by investing even a little money or starting a business.

In addition, seek family counselling. To help families get through the challenges of life, churches often offer free counselling to families.It is important to note that parents are their children's role model. Children are born without social knowledge
or social skills, and they eagerly look for someone to imitate. That "someone" is usually one or both parents.
Using social skills, self-improvement, volunteering, self-control, goal setting, etc is a great way to model positive behaviour and boost a child's self-confidence.

As a matter of fact, speaking life into our children is powerful. Children are with us when they are young for a reason—they need direction from us. I speak life into my children by telling them and reminding them that their identity is in Christ.

Undoubtablely, making our homes a sanctuary for our children should be on top of our priority list. Your home is your child's safe haven. Let's create a supportive family culture.

The unhealthy food we eat (junk food) as well as the chemicals in non-organic foods have an impact on our children's behaviour and mood. As the saying goes, health is wealth. 

It comes as a no surprise that London is a precarious place to live as a black person and scary place to bring up black children. Humans are social beings. If what our children see in society is that people are cold and self-centred, proud and hateful towards other people, guess what? That is what they will do as well. If you go to Africa, people are more friendly and welcoming, even when they don't know you.

Parents should try to find other families to befriend for their children to learn social skills and learn to serve others through friendships.

To crown it all, pray for your children and lift them before God. I am a believer in Christ and can't stress how important it is to pray for your children.

It is evident that more needs to be done.

Hi, I am Pamellah Mutenga, I believe that parenthood is a journey which must be enjoyed but it starts with happy parents. The passion to empower parents and help children stems from my experience as a mother; wife, born again christian, christian women's leader, and a maternity nurse. Pamellah is the director and founder of Abundant Life Family Care.




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  • Pamellah Mutenga

    Thank you @Rehema for your comment. You are right! We ought to engage our children in meaningful activities and also monitor their activity on the internet. We are too busy working nowadays that we spend less time together as a family. Looking at ways to earning money without necessary exchanging time for money would be a good option for parents inorder to have more time and resources to build your family.

  • Pamellah Mutenga

    @Pastor Steven, thank you so much for your views. You remind me of the passage that says that a family that prays together stays together. Thank you for sharing your testimony too, it will bring hope. The devil has been fighting the family since the creation, Jesus defeated him and we need to walk in this truth and pray with our families and pray for our children.

  • Pamellah Mutenga

    @Hope, thank you for sharing your views. The bible commands us to seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and the rest will follow you. God bless you.

  • Annet Tumusiime

    There should be a constant talking to the about the dangers of such activities

  • Chelsea

    Knife crime is on the rise and parents need to ensure children are aware they should never carry a weapon, no matter how much pressure their friends put them under or how unsafe they feel. teaching our kids from a young age this can help reduce knife crime rapidly.

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