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Night Nannies

Night Nanny

Babies are born nocturnal; therefore sleep deprivation to the parents may be inevitable in the first few weeks. This can play havoc with our cognitive behaviour, hormones and emotions and this is where having a night nanny comes in handy.

The night nanny will normally arrive at your home at 09:00pm and finish at 07:00am however all our night nannies are flexible and will work around your family's needs. They will gently guide your baby to sleep throughout the night whilst you catch up on some much deserved rest, this will ensure you are fully rested and able to function better the next day.


  • Night feeds.
  • Sterilising, cleaning, preparing bottles and breast pump equipment.
  • Changing nappies and care for any other hygiene requirements.
  • Settle your baby to sleep.
  • Bring your baby to you for breast feeding.
  • Giving help and advice on getting your baby into a sleep routine.
  • Advice and support on coping with postnatal depression.
  • Top and tail in the morning and dress for the day.

The night nanny may be able to teach you effective winding methods with colic and reflux babies, current sleep guidelines, temperatures, how to position and dress baby for sleep without the risk of overheating, how to sleep and feed a reflux baby. Should you have twins/triplets your nurse will show you the most effective ways to feed your babies so that you don't feel like you are feeding all day and night.

  • Are you a Maternity Nurse / a Night Nanny?
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