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Remember that strong-willed kids are experiential learners. Your strong-willed child wants mastery more than anything

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What we say to our children becomes their inner voice.

The words that parents and guardians say to their children can have a major impact on them, whether positive or negative. Therefore, it is crucial that we are mindful of this when we speak to our children. My name is Jeff Mutenga. Join me on my journey as I navigate through the life of parenting. When I became a parent the world I knew forever changed from work and university to trips to the park, school runs,  tantrums and sleepless nights.  My mission here is to make parenting easy-er.  To enjoy those highs, and to more easily navigate the lows since if we’re going to be on this roller coaster, we might as well have as much fun as we can...

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Is it possible to balance your work life and parenting?

In these modern times, we are witnessing a world that is ever evolving. There is mounting pressure coming at us from all angles both as individuals and parents of future generations. We are almost being pushed beyond the limit where we will need to do even more and be more.

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How to deal with difficult children’s behaviour

One of the characteristics usually attributed to so called “difficult children” by parents, is that their behaviour does not seem to fit within the box or match the parents’ idea of an ideal child’s behaviour.

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What have you told your child/children about Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated differently around the world, in the British culture it is the time of year when you exchange presents with family and friends, it's about santa claus, rudolf and the reindeer, snowman, elves, eating and drinking together with family.

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