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  • Doula

  • Birth doulas provide flexible and continuous support before, during and often after the child is born. A birth doula offers physical and emotional support to you( and your partner), they don't do anything medical but are a continuous reassuring presence.
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  • Nannies

  • A nanny can be a qualified child carer and/or be experienced in child care. Qualified nannies are trained to provide care and education development for children from birth to 7 years. Nannies may be employed on a live-in or live out basis.
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  • Nanny Share

    Nanny Share
  • Trying to find affordable childcare is a big challenge for many families. A Nanny-Share is an arrangement where two or more families split the cost of one nanny who either cares for all the children together in one family home as agreed by individual families that share the nanny or care for the children at their homes at separate times or days.
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  • Night Nanny

    Night Nannies
  • Babies are born nocturnal; therefore sleep deprivation to the parents may be inevitable in the first few weeks. This can play havoc with our cognitive behaviour, hormones and emotions and this is where having a nanny comes in handy.
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  • Babysitter

  • A babysitter is someone who temporarily cares for a child/children on behalf of the children's parents or guardian. A babysitter takes care of children of all ages in need of supervision.
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  • Mother's Help

    Mother's Help
  • A mother's helper is a little different than a nanny or babysitter because she assists the family while one or both parents are still at home. Mother's helpers can help with childcare, laundry, cooking, cleaning or other household chores.
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  • Maternity Nurse

    Maternity Nursing
  • A maternity nurse is an experienced infant care provider. They are also skilled in supporting, caring for and providing invaluable information to parents on how to care for their new born baby or babies. They also allow parents the time to rest and recover from the birth of their baby or babies.
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  • Are you a Maternity Nurse / a Night Nanny?
    Postings for such positions are now opened at Abundant Life Family Care. Please sign up and send us your CV for consideration.


  • Are you a family looking for a Maternity Nurse / a Night Nanny?
    Well, you are at the right place. Please contact us to discuss your need.


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